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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Besan Sooji ka Halwa (a concoction of Semolina(rava) and gram flour)

It took me less than a minute to decide what my first post would be on this blog!When it comes to this semolina halwa, my threesome are of one mind! mmmmmm...the aroma that engulfs the entire house can't stop you from taking a quick tidbit. So without much ado lets head straight for the ingredients.

Ingredients in order of appearance:
Pure Ghee- 1 cup
Besan(Gram Flour)- 1 cup
Sooji(Rava/Semolina)- 1 cup
Milk powder- 1 cup
Sugar – 1 cup
Water – 1cup
Cardamom powder- ¼ tsp
Raisins- ½ cup
Few flakes of Almond & Pistachio
Optional- dried coconut(khopra) flakes.

Take a frying pan and heat 1 cup of Ghee(nothing better than RKG). Don’t heat it too much. . Simultaneously in another bowl, prepare the water syrup by boiling water with sugar & cardamom. Add the Gram Flour to the ghee and keep stirring continuously for about 5mins and until you start getting a good aroma. Now its time to add the Semolina and continue stirring. One important note when it comes to cooking Indian sweets is the manner in which they are roasted, kneaded etc., so be watchful about the colour too. You would still find this in a liquid state. Don’t panic! Now add the raisins and almonds and stir. Once the raisins have turned dark, turn off the stove. Add the milk powder and mix well. Now the liquid state will take a powdery form. Place the pan back on the gas and add the water syrup. Continue stirring until the halwa leaves the sides of the pan and the ghee separates from it and the entire texture gets a smooth look.
Spread and flatten this on a glass tray and garnish with pistachio and coconut flakes. Just dive straight into it and relish!


Fazna said... Reply to comment

i just luv this...i'm gonna try this soon

Fazna Thasveer said... Reply to comment

i just luv this...i'm gonna try this soon

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