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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dream Whip Fruit Pudding

The waiting period was over and Eid arrived! The day began sweetly, with  Sheer-korma(will share the recipe soon) followed by Biryani and loads of fun with family. I had prepared this sweet dish for the occasion and it’s just delish!  A must try!

White Bread – 5 slices
Mixed fruits can – 1large tin (drain out the syrup)
Sugar syrup- 1cup sugar boiled in 1 cup water
For blending:
Whipping cream powder(dream whip)- 2 sachet
Condensed Milk- ½ tin
Puck cream- 1 small tin
Milk- measured in the same cream tin
Gelatin- 1tsp

Cut off edges of bread and slice them into 4 pieces. Melt the sugar in water by boiling it for 2-3mins. Allow it to cool.  Dip the bread slices in sugar syrup. The syrup is just to sweeten the bread , and it should not be thick.(alternatively you can place the slices in the dish and drizzle the syrup over it, so that the bread isn’t too soggy). Place the bread slices on the bottom of a large glass serving dish (in a single layer). Spread the mixed fruits over this.
With an electric blender, blend together- whipping cream, condensed milk, cream, gelatin, milk and sugar. Pour this mix evenly over the fruits. Garnish with cherries, pistachio and almond flakes.
Refrigerate for 3-4hrs or until cold and set.
Optional- You may also add few dry fruits like fig, dates, cashew nuts etc. over the fruits. But this pudding tastes good even without it!


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