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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shahi Rabri...rich n creamy milk dessert

Rabri is an Indian dessert made by boiling milk on low heat for a long time..almost 2-3hours until it reduces to half the quantity and gets thicker. Time consuming isn’t it? Not any longer..because I’ve found this quick and yummy recipe from the web and its as good as the traditional one. Do try it..you’ll love it!

Milk powder- 2 cups
Sugar- 1/2 cup
Milk- 2 cups
Condensed milk- 3/4 cup
Cardamom powder-1/2 tsp
Butter-100 gms
Eggs – 2 nos
Bread slices- 2 nos ( remove edges)
Chopped Almonds and pistachios for garnishing

Blend together bread and eggs in a food processor till both ingredients are well combined.
Heat butter, add the bread mixture into it and stir for 2-3mins. Keep aside.
In a bowl add milk powder, sugar, regular milk and condensed milk. Mix it with a hand beater. Put this mixture in a pan and heat it. Stir it continuously for about 5mins.
Once it starts to boil, add the bread mixture and cardamom pdr and and continue stirring until it starts to get slightly creamy. When the mixture cools, it will get even thicker , so be careful and let it only be ‘slightly’ thick when hot.
Garnish with almonds and pistachios and refrigerate for 2-3hrs(after it cools).

Note: It’s important to stir continuously, else the milk can stick to the pan and burn.

Suggestion: You may add a few drops rose essence(kewra) if you like the flavour. I excluded that.


Medifast Success Stories said... Reply to comment

Sounds so yummy!

kitchenmorph said... Reply to comment

wow this is great...will be delicious...eeks i don like kewra either!

cajunlicious said... Reply to comment

Just found your wonderful blog! New Follower!!!

- Jessica
(All Things Cajun)

Aleema Misbah said... Reply to comment

@ medifast,kitchenmorph, cajunlicious...thanks for your comments!

Kristen said... Reply to comment

oh that sounds just exquisite. I love puddings like this.

Vandana Rajesh said... Reply to comment

The rabri looks nice and creamy.

Ashfaque said... Reply to comment

i like... i like... i like... :)

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